Christmas drawings for the human race

Before I start this post properly, there’s something I have to go on record about. Despite what Rich Johnston may have said in his most recent LITG, I am not and, never have been, a museum curator. On the other hand, I suppose I am a curator of some sort, all the same, just as any blogger is. I find interesting stuff on the internet, and choose the best of that selection to post here for the interest of other people — of course, I don’t post anything like all of the interesting things that I find online, because we’d never have the time to read everything everyone ever posted, and there is so much wonderful stuff to be found out there. So, I curate. And with that in mind, today’s post is a veritable art gallery of imagery, which takes its title from this picture here:

Thomas Nast
by Thomas Nast [via]

Walt Kelly
“Deck the halls with Boston Charlie!” Walt Kelly‘s garbled version of a well-known Xmas ditty. [via]

Batman #219
More Christmas carols, from Batman #219. art by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano. [via]

Batman #27
Batman also likes to help Santa deliver presents. Cover art by Jack Burnley [via]

Of course, Supes and the rest of the superteam have to get in on the action, too. Art by Curt Swan. [via]

Merry Christmas Teen Titans Comic Book
And the Teen Titans as well. Anyone know who did the art for this one? [via]

Miss Santa Claus
And Wonder Woman is Miss Santa Claus. Art by HG Peter.

Christmas robots #1
Christmas fun with electronic robots #1 [via]

Christmas robots #2
Christmas fun with electronic robots #2 [via]

Tiki Christmas
Tiki Christmas by Josh Agle [via]

Osbert Lancaster
1963 Christmas card by Osbert Lancaster. If you’re in London over the next few weeks, there’s a free exhibition of his drawings at the Wallace Collection until January 11th. (I’ve not been yet, but I plan on going this week.)

Saul Steinberg
Father Christmas Tree by Saul Steinberg, who is also the subject of an exhibition on in London, at the Dulwich Picture Gallery until February 15th. (I’ve not been to that one yet, either, but I’m looking forward to seeing it.)

I think that’s your lot for today. Something smells reeeeally good here, and I think dinner is about to be served. Om nom nom. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!


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