out in the autumn sunshine

On an unseasonably warm Indian summer’s day in late October, she travelled westwards, to enjoy the bright blue skies and look at brightly-feathered birds.

blue skies over Holland Park

peacock in Holland Park

She sat where Rogers sat and thought about all the other people who had sat in the same place.

sheltered bench in Holland Park

''here Rogers sat...'' in Holland Park

She admired the golden roses and green ivy outside the Ice House.

roses in Holland Park

the Ice House, Holland Park

the Ice House, Holland Park

Although she was sad to see find some grapes withered on the vine, she admired their autumn colours.
grapes in Holland Park
Holland Park

Nearby, she found some grapes that would never wither.

grapvine tile, Holland Park

grapvine tile, Holland Park

The strange flowers on the fig tree reminded her of christmas.

fig tree in Holland Park

plaque in Holland Park

She wandered past the playing field as the sun began to go down, and was happy to be right where she was.

autumn leaves in Holland Park

(This is a companion piece/sequel to this post.)

5 Comments to “out in the autumn sunshine”

  1. I’d loved to have joined you! Sunshine, peacocks and grand open spaces? Bliss! xxx

  2. Ahh, how lovely. A gorgeous spot, so much to enjoy, and your photos capture a real sense of serenity. It’s always good to be happy where you are. xxx

  3. What beautiful pictures, it looks like you had hthe perfect day out. Xxx

  4. I loved this so much I read it twice and slowly, such a gorgeous post and stunning photography x x x

  5. What a lovely walk and beautiful photos. x x