witch feathers and locket bones

crow feather

old books


detail of vintage blouse

open locket

crow feather

book of Poe

• vintage top from Peekaboo Vintage years ago
• old books from my family
• locket from my mum
• images inside locket from old magazines
• crow feather and pigeon feather found on Hampstead Heath


6 Comments to “witch feathers and locket bones”

  1. A wonderful photo of you looking all Victorian in your high necked blouse. Your eyes are so pretty.
    Love that locket and that gorgeous Poe book. xxx

  2. What a lovely alternative halloween post. You’re looking deliciously gothic! Xxx

  3. Ooh, such wonderfully atmospheric photos, Anna. You would make a perfect plucky heroine in a Gothic mystery! And that is a gorgeous locket. xxx

  4. You look so erie and beautiful, these pictures are haunting!

  5. I love your photo’s! you do have the most incredible green eyes though x x x

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I just love the mood of your photos. Lockets are so romantic, aren’t they? (Btw, your blouse, what a find)!