Secret 7s

Last week I popped into Somerset House to see the Secret 7″ exhibition that’s on display until May 3rd.

Secret 7'' at Somerset House

Secret 7″ is an annual fundraising project that raises money for various different charities (this year is Nordoff Robbins music therapy). Each year they release seven 7″ singles, each one with a pressing of 100, with 700 individual covers designed by various creatives. The “secret” part is that none of the cover designs are officially credited until the records are sold at auction.

Secret 7'' at Somerset House

Some of the designs are completely random and it’s not obvious who’s designed them or which record the design is for.

Secret 7'' at Somerset House

Others are more immediately obvious. I’m pretty sure that’s a David Shrigley design in the middle of the selection above (although the others are pretty random; I just liked them). The ones below are all designs for Reflections by Diana Ross & The Supremes, which is one of the seven songs chosen this year.

Secret 7'' at Somerset House

With 700 different cover designs made in different media, including collage, sculpture, embroidery, crochet, and wood marquetry, as well as the more standard style of record cover design, there’s a great variety of creative design work on display, and the exhibition is worth a look if you’re in central London over the next couple of weeks.

But if you can’t make it, here’s another visual treat for you:

5 Comments to “Secret 7s”

  1. LOVE that song! And the exhibition looks great too, what a good idea. Some wonderful designs there. xxx

  2. Just great. Great idea, great artwork… ooh and a great song too. I’ll be looking out for the credits to some of these after the auction – yes, I reckon you’re right about David Shrigley!

  3. ooh a new exhibition to see. Thanks for flagging it up. I have been to Somerset House quite a few times & missed this one. There always seems to be so much going on there. It’s a great place.

  4. What a nice charity project, thanks for sharing this! I also enjoyed your post about the record store exhibition. My boyfriend goes to record fairs and stores a lot and I usually tag along, looking at covers and admiring the cover art :-)

  5. This is brilliant! It’s so lovely to see all the wonderful things going on in the big smoke. :)