autumn in a Japanese garden

heron in Holland Park

fish in Holland Park

Japanese maple leaves, Holland Park

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

shishi odoshi, Holland Park

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

Pictures from the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, taken on my visit a couple of weeks ago.

(Previous posts about Holland Park are here and here.)

7 Comments to “autumn in a Japanese garden”

  1. Lovely; there is something particularly restful about Japanese gardens, I think. xxx

  2. A beautiful space and gorgeous photos. What a lovely place to sit and contemplate in. x

  3. There’s a Japanese garden a few miles from here, and the serenity of it is just perfection. Love these photos. I wonder what it’s like in winter?

  4. Beautiful pics. Some of them look quite otherwordly

  5. Hi Anna, Thanks for the welcome back. I’ve just caught up with your blog and see that you’ve taken time off from blogging as well. Like you, I decided not to feel stressed about blogging and just get back to it when the spirit moved me.
    I finally watched The Owl Service on your recommendation. I can’t believe that was geared for kids. Some weird sexual stuff going on there.
    Loved your post on the Regency Cafe — it was those types of diner/cafes shown in films I watched when growing up that made me ‘nostalgic’ for the UK (although I’d never been at that time, if that makes sense).
    I like the new blog design too!

  6. It’s beautiful, I’ve never been to a Japanese garden, I should look it up and see if one is in Liverpool, I’d love to visit x x x

  7. Pretty! I haven’t visited a japanese garden yet but should really do so, this is so beautiful. The koi looks huge!